Frequently Asked 


Q. When is it? 
A. August 6-7, 2021

Q. Where is it? 
A. The Pointe Academy

10981 N 5600 W, Highland, UT 84003

Q. Who is this for? 
A. There will be classes for all levels of dancers-from the basic beginner to the advanced tapper. No matter what your experience or level, we have something incredible for you! Just as all levels are welcome, of course dancers of all ages are welcome as well! We are committed to passing this incredible art form on to the next generation. Tap dancing can be done by ALL ages, old and young. However, tap dancing will always keep you young. ;) (wink wink) 

Q. Who is teaching at Utah Tap Fest? 
A. Please visit our Faculty link to see pictures and bios for this year's teachers. 

Q. How do I sign up? 
A. Click link under Registration tab, or email If you are having 
complications with the website you can just Venmo us.
Q. What is the Tap Jam? 
A.  Jam sessions are essential to the improvisatory tap dancing that evolved along with jazz. They’re a kind of public practicing, a chance for dancers to test themselves before their peers and whoever else turns up to watch. Either with live musicians or prerecorded tracks, the dancer is able to see where inspiration might take them for a few minutes. These are inspirational and fun to participate in, but also just to watch and learn from each other.

Q. What is a cutting contest? 
A. Cutting contests are a fairly common tradition at workshops and among tap dancers. It's just a fun way to work on your tap improvisation, and share with each other.   Improvisation is an important skill to develop for all dancers, and a great way to develop your creativity and individual style. 

Q. What is the Tap Competition? The tap competition is held the first night of the festival, and will be judged by guest artists and professional tap dancers.  The competition is open to all dancers who are registered for the tap festival. There are a limited number of entries, and is on a first come first serve basis.  Winners will receive a certificate and ribbon.  All participants will have the opportunity to have their routines adjudicated, and receive valuable critiques from professional tap masters.  Performances will be judged on choreography, technique, execution, costume, staging, showmanship, and musicality. All dance styles welcome.

Q. Is there a fee to just come watch classes? 
A. Yes. The observer fee is $30 for the weekend.